Head Teacher’s Desk



Ms.Sujatha Shetty
Head Teacher

‘Learning gives you creativity,

 creativity leads to thinking,

 thinking provides knowledge,

 Knowledge makes you great’

                                                     -Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Mahindra academy has given us some very talented and exceptionally gifted young adults. It not only has provided them with academic knowledge to excel in their careers but also provided them with an opportunity to involve themselves in various extracurricular activities. Our talented teachers work towards making our students apt in skills which will make them into true global citizens.

We believe that every student with correct guidance can succeed. Thus, we strive to provide them with educational experience both in and outside the classroom. This is achieved through our talented team of teachers, administrative staff, management and active parents that unite as team and work towards achieving our goal.

A major part of child’s life is spent in school and we believe in creating an environment which ensure that the child is provided with an opportunity and support.

The opportunity to serve this prestigious institute and to ignite the minds of youth with quest for knowledge provides me immense joy and satisfaction.