Headmistress’s Desk


Mrs. Madhavi Churi

Hello everybody!    I am extremely happy to address you all from this desk. Education is certainly not filling the young minds with information.  It should touch the interior being of a student.  Educating a brain without educating a heart is not an education at all. Here at Mahindra Academy, I with my team will help the tender minds to manifest the best they have within themselves.  It may be purely academics, cultural or sports….. My sincere effort will be to draw it out from the students and to give them a platform to showcase their talent.  I will also try my level best to build a confident, cultured and well mannered personality that would surely contribute to our nation in the form of a well civilised and responsible citizen.  Here at Mahindra Academy the students will be created who will be an epitome of right education. My vision of education is that it is not to be only competition but through education our life should become a celebration.  Education should prepare us to fall in tune with existence. So, my dear all, march on.  Fear not the thorns or the stones you may come across the path of life.  Be focussed and move towards perfection.