Headmistress’s Desk

(Head) Ms.Lorna D'Souza M.A.B.Ed.

Ms.Lorna D’Souza Headmistress

Education is not just parting of knowledge but rather a source to bring about an overall development in a child. At Mahindra Academy, I with my team intend to build up the valour in our children so that they are able to face this world, which is full of challenges.

Every child is blessed with some or the other talent. At Mahindra Academy, we all teachers feel that it’s our duty to help the child to understand its calibre and polish it thoroughly so that the child can grow up with flying colours and have a bright future globally.

There is a Gem in every bud

Nurture it, Groom it, Finesse it.


 Lorna D’souza