Our School

The Mahindra Academy formerly known as Students’ Academy was established in June 1970. The School is managed by a Governing Council consisting of members of the Mahindra Education Society. The School was primarily for the children of M/s. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. employees. However now other eligible students are also admitted. Today, the School has a spacious three storeyed building surrounded by beautiful garden where over 1200 students both boys and girls come for learning. We prepare students for the SSC examination conducted by the Maharashtra State Board for Secondary Education.

Teaching Methodology

The teachers at Mahindra Academy have to undergo advanced training and attend various workshops from time to time in order to improve their teaching skill and technique. These teaching programmes contribute to the growth and development of teachers which enhances classroom teaching.


Value Based Education

The importance and urgency of value based education has become an integral part of formal education because of the increasing conflicts in human life. The very existence of traditional institutions such as family, religion, state and society are being questioned. Their very foundations are shaking. Globalization has affected our culture, our faith and the very essence of human relations. The young generation is turning a blind eye to our age old values and traditions. So we feel that it is necessary to introduce such values directly or indirectly along with the teaching of different subjects.


Science Laboratory

The School has two well equipped, spacious laboratories where various demonstrations and praticals are conducted to explain the principles and the laws of science. The students also perform practicals, observe specimen and deduce conclusions under the supervision of science teachers.

The initiative for setting up these laboratories was taken by Mr. J. P. Robert, the former principal of our School.


Computer Education

We are now into the Computer Age. Computers are being increasingly used in almost every walk of life. Computers have brought in a revolution and one cannot think of life without Computers. So we have introduced Computer Education at the Primary and Secondary level.


Audio-Visual Lab

We are committed to impart quality education in our School. In addition to computers, Audio-Visual aids are also considered as a powerful educational tool. The teachers are encouraged to use education technology in their day to day teaching to make their lessons lively and interesting.



Sports is a means of refreshment and recreation. It fills the player with new vigour, vitality and enthusiasm. All these promotes better concentration in studies. So we arrange different type of Indoor and Outdoor games. Also we arrange Annual Sports Day in the month of December.


Co-Curricular Activities

Classroom teaching is supplemented effectively by organizing various co-curricular activities.

Elocution and Oratorial competitions, Quiz contests. Essay writing competitions, and Art and Craft exhibitions are arranged round the year. Cultural programmes are arranged to send out positive messages to the students.


House Activities

Students are divided into four Houses. Most of the competitions are held as Inter-House competitions to encourage a healthy competitive spirit among the students.


Medical Check-Up

We arrange for an Annual check-up of the students’ health, maintain health cards and intimate the parents if and when the children need medical care and treatment.



Yoga techniques help to develop memory power and steadiness of mind. Students of the higher classes undergo a specially designed course to increase their concentration and also help them to relax better.


Karate Training

Karate training is imparted to all students till Class IV.


Students’ Counseling

The service of a counsel Cell is available. By diagnostic screening and suitable counseling, the counsel Cell will attempt to solve the problem of students. This counseling cell gives help and guidance to students to concentrate on studies, achieve a higher degree of proficiency and regroup their thoughts and attitudes and behave better in School and at home.

School Discipline:-The kind of discipline that we wish to instill among the young boys and girls of this School is based on the latest knowledge of the behavioural sciences according to which ‘Discipline must come through liberty’. If discipline is founded on liberty the discipline itself must necessarily be active. We do not consider a student disciplined only when he/she has been rendered artificially silent, as mute and as immovable as a paralytic, such a student is an individual annihilated and not disciplined .We call a student disciplined when he/she is a master of himself /herself and can therefore, regulate his /her conduct when it will be necessary to follow some rules of discipline. In enforcing them, we take atmost care that the creativity and abilities of the students to innovate are not trampled upon.